Cheapest SUVs and Crossovers

Available models: choice for every taste and wallet

Today, more and more buyers prefer functional crossover. They are comfortable, roomy and have great cross-country ability unlike sedans, station wagons or other similar options. In addition, the choice in this segment is quite large - for every taste and purse. It's like very expensive brand cars of elite class of European and American production, and quite affordable Chinese variants. Naturally, Japan and Korea do not lag behind their competitors and offer their vision of modern crossovers.
Choose what you like

The choice in this segment is really big. An inexperienced buyer will be difficult to determine. If you have a similar problem, then think carefully about how much you are willing to pay for a new car and what you expect of it.

You will have to choose from the following suggestions:

  • Jeep Compass. Auto American production with a formidable and brutal look. A characteristic feature of this model is the hereditary appearance of the family. As a power unit, 2.4 and 2 liter engines are offered. The main advantage of the model is not in its original design or quality, but in low fuel consumption - on the mechanical box in the city the fuel consumption is a little over eight liters. A similar indicator found in other manufacturers is simply unrealistic;
  • Hyundai Tucson. For the first time the cars were introduced in 2004. Since that moment Tucson has undergone many changes and today has become one of the best options in the ratio of quality, options and prices in its class. The car is modern and technological, with a wide range of amenities, functions and options. At the same time he also has good performance of an SUV, and a spacious interior. In the domestic market, it offers three engine options: V6 2.7 liters (the most powerful), gasoline and diesel, both in two liters;
  • Suzuki Vitara. Once this model was incredibly popular with the domestic buyer. But over time, for some reason, the interest of Russian drivers to the car began to fade, and it gradually began to disappear from our roads. However, the manufacturer does not lose hope to restore its former glory and offered the Russians an updated version that is worthy of attention. "Japanese" is characterized by high quality of parts, components, materials and assembly, so you will not only comfortably, but the machine itself will last for a long time and without any problems. In the basic configuration, the owner receives excellent audio training, EBD, ABS and air conditioning. Although this list is not much different from the main competitors. But there is one nice addition - in the basic version, an emergency braking system is installed. In our country the car is represented by a five- and three-door body with different engine variants of 1.6 / 2 / 2.4 / 3.2 liters. The average fuel consumption is 10-14.5 liters. This crossover is considered one of the most powerful in its class and with excellent indicators of comfort;
  • Dacia Duster. In our country it is already a legendary car and beyond. Including in Europe as well. Low price, excellent quality of parts, materials and assembly have done their job. This model is chosen by those who want to get a passable, comfortable and spacious car at a very favorable price. The model is presented with three variants of engines: 1,5 / 1,6 / 2 liters (petrol and diesel). The drive can be full or front, the box is mechanical and automatic. Now the car is equipped with a multimedia system and navigation. The most affordable car in the howling segment, has a good clearance, large corners of the exit and exit, excellent technical characteristics. For our customers, the manufacturer offers a variety of options. The main competitor of Reno is called Lifan X60, Chevrolet Niva (which is unlikely). For small money, buyers will be provided with a car with air conditioning, cushions, ABS, computer, electric mirrors, glasses and seats, power steering, heated mirrors, fog lights and a central lock. In the updated version of 2015 changed the optics, added engines and body colors, and also made some options.

This is only a small part of the available crossovers. They should be added Zotye T600, Fiat Sedici, Opel Antara, Mitsubishi Outlander XL and so on.

Trifles in everything

If you want a similar car, then before the final choice it is worth to go through the car dealerships, ask the manager to tell about the advantages of the car. But it's best to write down for a test drive and understand which model you like best. Try to understand all the characteristics of a particular car, to study its behavior on the road and off-road. If you did everything right, the car goes well, then you just have to enjoy it. Even long trips by the whole family will be very comfortable and fast. Naturally, do not forget about the sets of options. If you are willing to shell out more than a medium-sized crossover, then look at Europeans and Americans.

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