Chinese Crossovers and SUVs

Each year, the list of Chinese crossovers and SUVs is being updated. A few years ago people were afraid to trust manufacturers from China, but now the fear has passed - the motorist started to look more and more often to the car from under heaven. Now you can find out current reviews about such crossovers, and on the basis of them make the best choice.

The popularity of crossovers from China

Cars from the People's Republic of China fill the car market of the world community with terrible speed, you do not have time to memorize the names and emblems of cars. At the same time, we should note this encouraging fact, the quality of their production is steadily increasing. Chinese masters of the automotive industry learned to do work on the mistakes and now you can buy a large-sized SUV, stuffed with various options and relatively inexpensive. Consider what new brands and models among crossovers and SUVs from the Middle Kingdom appeared in 2016 on the Russian market.

Who is who?

Among its participants there are our old acquaintances, whose brands are known to motorists of our country for a long time. These are SUVs and crossovers from Lifan, Great Wall, Chery. They passed the stage of self-affirmation, the stamps became recognizable and popular not only in their own country. Gradually, increasing the reliability of their machines, they try to wedge themselves into the competition with the leading representatives of the class. There are young, hot, appeared quite recently. Their crossovers look attractive in the price segment, look good, but further - a dark pool, as lucky.

You can call Dong Feng, Lux Gen, Hawtei, JAC. There is another group occupying a place in the middle between just that listed. They are recognized by their names, they are not the first year on the market, but they have a small popularity for various reasons. Here you can list Haima, FAW, Changan. Standing alone are two joint international companies, Qoros and Brilliance. But if about the first, Sino-Israeli firm, few can say a clear, then the second deserves mention. Brilliance is under the auspices of the well-known concern Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW). The joint company was established in 2003, the experience is solid and it's time to show significant results.

Crossovers from China are in good demand among a certain group of motorists. Undoubtedly, in the first place a cheaper price for cars of this class in comparison with cars from Europe, Korea and Japan. Not everyone can collect the right amount to buy a brand. Here - almost the same in appearance, but cheaper.

Summary of the review

Stereotypes change with time. It is necessary to leave the outdated axiom that the Chinese car is bad. The huge investments invested in production, the increase in the number of auto-offers indicates that representatives of the PRC are coming to this market for a long time. The increase in the quality of produced cars can be judged by their increased popularity. Crossovers and SUVs from

Celestial - a demanded product, which has its attractive qualities:

  • Low, so far, the price. Undoubtedly, with the increase in demand for Chinese cars, it will rise.
  • Great design. For the latest models of the car industry from China, the beautiful exterior and interior of the salon is characteristic.
  • Cloning of well-known brand cars is done with such respect for the model, which deserves praise. The auto of this segment enjoys a certain demand among buyers.
  • Quality. It can not be said that the Chinese manufacturers in this indicator have approached, say, the German masters, but according to the pace set by them recently, we can say that there is very little left.

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