Luxury sedans

Luxury car industry: characteristics and offer

Earlier, the presence of own car put the car owner in a number of a wealthy citizen, and today it is sometimes difficult to surprise even a luxury car in your garage. Depending on their own priorities and income, consumers purchase family, budget cars, subcompacts, off-road vehicles, minibuses. But a very interesting option is luxury-class sedans, which belong to the elite. Such cars are not available to all due to their prestige and high cost. Today many brands produce cars of this class, and some do it only under the order.

Distinctive features

The cars of this class are at the top of the line of any brand. Buy them mainly those who wish to emphasize their status, income and position. To buy a luxury car is not so simple, because its value can reach several hundred thousand euros. And it is not surprising, because for their production only the best elements and materials, various modern electronics and equipment are used. Wishing to demonstrate special opportunities, manufacturers equip the car with various systems to ensure maximum comfort and safety.

As already mentioned, only the highest quality materials are used in the interior, including natural ones. It can be alloys of metals, leather, wood. A characteristic feature of cars of this class is the almost complete absence of various substitutes and plastic. An exception can be only expensive and today fashionable ekozhozha. In most cases, luxury cars are sedans. Some models can have an extended body not only to increase comfort and spaciousness, but also to give the car a prestigious and respectable look. And all luxury "cars" must be equipped with powerful engines (volume from three liters and a minimum of 16 valves), automatic boxes, ABS, cushions and other additional elite options. Auto-luxury is not a premium segment, they have some differences. It concerns the sizes, prevalence, advertising, popularity and cost. But the most important thing in them is the individuality.

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