Small SUVs

Crossover can be compact

Among cars of this class compact crossovers are the most popular. This is due to the vast scope of their application. Definition of the compact arose not just by the successful selection of words. These include, according to the classification of motor vehicles in the United States, cars that have a space volume of a cabin from one hundred to one hundred and ten cubic feet (2.8 to 3.1 cubic meters) and correspond to class "C". Cars are in demand for the most part of our society: businessmen and summer residents, tourists and builders, housewives and managers, regardless of age and sex, use the services of compact crossovers.

Their advantages are obvious.

  • Spacious, with a large luggage compartment. When transforming the seats, it has extensive possibilities for carrying various luggage: agricultural crops, building materials, machinery, pets, etc., etc. The car is perfect for traveling with the whole family during summer holidays in warm regions, and in winter - an excursion to the winter forest, skiing.
  • A high-speed engine and a good ground clearance make it possible to make sorties to those areas where asphalt ends. It can be a dacha, a house in the village, a family outlet to nature, a picnic with friends.
  • Raising the image. A beautiful big car in our country has always accompanied the image enhancement to its owner.
  • Convenient city car. High high-speed qualities allow you to have time to do all the work at work, at home, and high ground clearance - to find a parking place where an ordinary car can not "climb".

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